YOUTH 2000 is a stress-free zone where you can give your worries to God…gives a look into how awesome it truly is to be a Catholic…can give you a great, faith-filled, fun adventure for the weekend, teaching you to grow in your faith and bringing you closer to God…deepens your faith…changes your life…is an incredible and uplifting opportunity…allows you to gain more in your spiritual life than you could ever imagine…is a great experience that gives you so much inspiration…is cool and eye-opening…is amazing! – Members of the 2017 Core Team

I’m so glad I came because I had so much fun. It was so nice meeting new people. I loved the jokes, and I most definitely loved spending time with Jesus. – Alondra, 13

I feel closer to Jesus because he was in our presence and I went to Confession. I feel like a new person. It was a great experience. – Abby, 13

YOUTH 2000 has helped me not only to feel closer to God, it has given me even more courage to go out and praise his name. – Anthony, 16

I feel closer to Jesus now. My favorite part was when we all sang songs together. It made me feel like I was part of one big family in Christ. – Josie, 13

This weekend was one of the most prayerful moments of my life. I feel like I really grew in faith and have drawn closer to God. The most memorable thing was coming closer to God through Adoration. – Jacob, 13

My favorite part of YOUTH 2000 was the Eucharistic procession. When I touched the humeral veil, God spoke to my heart and reminded me that I am loved. I told Him, “I am not worthy.” But God said, “You are loved.” – Brianna, 17

After this retreat I do feel a lot closer to God. I feel like I am connected to Him on a whole new level. I also now understand much more about our faith. My favorite part of the retreat was the meditation/Adoration part. I could really focus on Jesus during this time. Overall this was an amazing experience and I am glad I came. – Grace, 13

I feel closer to God and Jesus. I liked celebrating Jesus in many different ways, like singing songs and going to Mass. I’m glad I got to go and be a part of it. – Lauren, 13

I feel closer to Jesus now. We are best friends. – Eric, 14

I heard over and over, “I’m not going to like it.” Then on Sunday, “I loved it!” This weekend changed me. On Saturday Adoration I looked at Jesus and I felt lonely, and then God filled me and I felt a great wave of peace come over me. It made me think more, sing louder and love more.- Mike, 14

I feel closer to Jesus and have grown a lot this weekend through YOUTH 2000. My favorite part of this weekend was meeting others and everyone coming together for Mass. Seeing so many people together for Jesus is amazing. – Abby, 15

I feel a lot closer to Jesus after my experiences at YOUTH 2000. The music is wonderful, and it is amazing to see how many young people join together to praise the Lord. My favorite part of this weekend was Adoration. Everyone fell silent, and everything was very peaceful and calm. You could really feel a unity among the people and knew Jesus was present. – Carolyn, 16