Thank you for giving yourself and your time so that young people can attend this retreat.  The impact of your presence — your living witness of joy in Christ — cannot be measured!


“My husband attended the Friday and Saturday sessions, but I got the privilege of chaperoning my son and his two friends for the Sunday session. We thought the weekend was presented in a great format. Fast-paced, with plenty of worship time, it helps build their relationship with God in a way they can relate to. I would definitely love to be part of next year’s YOUTH 2000!”


  1. Every participant under age 18 must be chaperoned.
  2. Each chaperone can be responsible for up to seven participants.
  3. Chaperones must be age 21 or older and fully compliant with diocesan child protection policy. VIRTUS
  4. Minors may leave during the event ONLY if we have written permission from parent/guardian AND their chaperone signs them out at the front desk.

Chaperone Registration

  1. If you are not from the Covington Diocese, you must provide written confirmation from your parish that you are fully compliant with your diocesan child protection mandates.
  2. Chaperones from the Covington Diocese must be VIRTUS-compliant; we will verify your VIRTUS status. Check the VIRTUS link for the program training schedule if needed.
  3. Be sure to complete your own registration form, sign the Liability Release, and pay your fee.


  1. The packet for your group will be under your name at check-in.
  2. Pick up your packet and pass out the ID badges. Badges must be worn visibly.
  3. You are responsible for ensuring that your young people are present and accounted for throughout the weekend. You need not sit together, but know where everyone is.
  4. If you have not registered by mail, allow extra time for walk-in registration. Be sure all forms are signed by parent/guardian and that checks for fees are made out properly.


You will receive a list of reminders, tips, and the schedule to help the weekend go smoothly. Feel free to bring us any questions or concerns.

Friday Saturday Sunday
5:30 pm Registration opens 7:30 am Light breakfast (opt.) 7:30 am Light breakfast (opt.)
7:00 Retreat begins 8:30 Retreat opens 8:30 Retreat opens
7:30 Mass 10:15 Panels 10:00 Break 
8:30 Break (15) 11:00 Break (15) 10:15 Retreat resumes
8:45 Retreat resumes 11:15 Retreat resumes 10:45 Mass
10:30 Friday closing 12:30 Lunch 11:45 pm Testimonies
  1:45 pm Retreat resumes 12:30 Retreat closing
2:30 Panels Outline of schedule.  The retreat M.C. guides all participants through the events, so only start/stop and break/return times are listed. Enjoy the retreat!
3:15 Break (30)
3:45 Retreat resumes
4:45 Mass
6:00 Dinner (90)
7:30 Retreat resumes
10:00 Saturday closing